The story of Tech Perch, the iPad Pillow and Tablet Cushion

The story of Tech Perch, the iPad Pillow and Tablet cushion.

A star is born.

Well, it was a star for me.

The proof that inventiveness and determination do work together.

Anne Wilkinson


I had damaged the ligaments in my shoulder at work, which had meant I was on sick leave, feeling sorry for myself and unable to do very much.

I took the time to get to know how my husband’s iPad worked, I had bought it for him about a year before but never had the time to see what it could do.

I was in agony, my shoulder could not even stand the weight of an iPad, I had to find an easier way of using it.

Luckily for me, my mum was a practical sort of woman, she had taught me to sew when I was growing up, and the interest continued into me studying Fashion and Pattern cutting at college.

I had become such an adept seamstress that I would buy a jacket and make myself two or three in other colours because I liked the cut of it.

Back to my star, the Tech Perch, I experimented with many designs and then spotted a full, person sized, triangular beanbag, inspired, I went home to begin creating.

Tech Perch was born, the full-size version came first, the first one was made in heavy canvas and filled with polyester wadding.
It really did not work.
It was far too stiff and there was no way of getting the right angle, it had one position.

Number two was made for a thin poly-cotton fabric, half polyester wadding, half polystyrene beads I had “borrowed” from a beanbag.
It was closer, but not wide enough.
To be fair this is where my perfectionism cut in, I wanted it to be right.

I now had the pattern right, I just needed it to be wider so that it held the iPad properly and sat across my lap in comfort, with no need for “balancing” it on my knee.

I had also got just the right fabric too, I had remembered it from when I was at college, always liked it, but I had not found a use for it in making clothes.
Suedette or faux suede, it has a slight tooth to grip the iPad and keep it safe.
It also had another quality that helps to make my iPad tablets stand unique, I can print on it.

After creating another seven, a whole £58 to start my business, I listed them on eBay.

They sold, and sold, and sold.

I poured the profit back into buying more fabric, thread and polystyrene beads.

My star was born.

The home of Tech Perch


The sales trickled in through into the next year and I opened my Etsy store, more sales came.

I was over the moon.

I then opened an Amazon store and the orders began to speed up, I was making them individually and filling.
I had not created a system to make Tech Perch on mass, I was soon going to have to.

Black Friday 2014 was a turning point.
I sold NOTHING at all, right up to 8pm.
I was sulking. Man was I sulking and drowning my sorrows in vodka.

My phone pinged to say I had a sale, I smiled to myself, well one is better than nothing.
I went to my computer and printed the order.
Just going to sit down and it pinged again, and again, and again.
28 times in total in three and a half hours, I was elated.

The realization crept in I had 28 Tech Perch to make, one at a time? I don’t think so.
I developed a system as I got through over thirty-five orders on the Saturday and Sunday.
I imagined I had got away with that one, wrong, the second weekend in December was a nightmare.
It was so mad, my in laws were trying to help, they cooked the Sunday lunch, while I ploughed through the back orders.

As fast as I was packing the orders were coming in, I was getting stressed and my husband finally insisted that I turn off my phone, so I could not hear the sales notifications coming in.

Needless to say, that was a harsh lesson, now I have a stock of Tech Perch skins made at all times.


Since that hectic time, I have been in control of my stock and the production on my ‘star’ product.


What makes Tech Perch so special is that it has been developed, not just cut from a bought or downloaded pattern.

Every aspect of a Tech Perch is designed to work perfectly.

–          The shape, it is made this shape to not be too bulky or obtrusive.

–          The size, the full-size Tech Perch is a universal stand, it will hold anything from a cell phone to an iPad Pro, perfectly.

–          The mini version, created for people who want a comfy stand for a smaller tablet.

–          Why no sewn shelf? I chose not to put a sewn ridge or fold on the Tech Perch because it limited the infinite number of angles that it would hold an iPad.

–          The filling, fire retardant polystyrene beads, just the right amount too, so your Tech Perch holds your tablet at just the right angle, every time.

Did you know?

Every Tech Perch is still hand filled, to give the right amount of filling for it to work perfectly everytime.

Not only do I still sell on eBay up to Christmas

I also have stores on Amazon and Etsy, so you can choose where you want to buy from.






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