Crayons Children’s iPad Mini Pillow

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crayon2 Crayon-masterCrayons Children’s iPad Mini Pillow

Crayons on White Cotton Tech Perch, Perfectly simple; you can find the perfect position for you iPad, nexus, galaxy, smartphone, e-reader and even a book.

Holding your device with one hand and using the other can spoil your enjoyment.

This clever piece of kit weighs next to nothing.

Physiotherapists are concerned about poor posture while using our tech gadgets.

No more aching wrists and arms, no more hunched shoulders, you will wonder how you ever managed without a Tech Perch.

Using a Tech Perch allows you to get your gadget into the perfect position simply.

You have tried a cushion on your knee (the gadget slides off) or propping your device up to watch in bed (you move and it is out of position in a blink).

It is great in the lounge, while you are sat comfortably, in the bedroom, to get the perfect viewing position in bed, in the kitchen, when you are cooking and need to hold your iPad to view a recipe or even your cook book, in the car for in entertainment on the move.

Your iPad, e-reader etc finds its perfect position simply, just place your Tech Perch where you want it and your device snuggles into the beans to give you the perfect viewing angle.

It leaves both hands free for playing games, reading, texting and editing your Facebook or Twitter notices and even Skypeing.

A bonus is it makes a great camera rest, for those perfect pictures.

100% cotton outer with polybead a filling.

Spot clean only. 30cm x 30cm wide

Handmade in the UK.

Shipped in a postage bag.

This are NOT suitable for laptops and netbooks as they need to circulate air.


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