Eight great reasons why the Tech Perch is a perfect ipad tablet pillow stand

What is it that can make your use of your tablet even more enjoyable? Getting comfortable and avoiding neck strain are two of the biggest comments from customers, we aim to please.

1. Very easy to position, pick it up by one corner and place it with a long edge facing you, place you ipad tablet on the Tech Perch.

2. It is really light weight, so it does not affect blood flow in the legs when you have it on your thighs.

3. Great to use in bed, in the car, on a plane, on holiday, in fact anywhere that you would take your tablet.

4. No fancy ledges, clips or hold down corners, which restrict its flexibility and versatility.

5. Lots of different fabrics to choose from, they can suit your home and personality.

6. Every single one is cut, badged. stitched, filled (each one has it’s fill level checked individually for the correct fill level), hand stitched with a concealed closure.
Every single one is different and original.

7. Created by a woman who had a shoulder problem, so it is created to work, just as you need it to.

8. A 30 day, no quibble guarantee, try it, you will love it.

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