About Tech Perch

The Tech Perch is a perfectly simple idea.

Developed out of necessity,  when Anne Wilkinson damaged her shoulder muscles in her day job.

While convalescing she found that could not hold her iPad for any length of time, without being in agony.

Anne tried resting the iPad on one of the sofa cushions, it just slipped around, and moved when she did,which was frustrating.


Being an artist,  daughter of an inventor, and terribly practical she developed the Tech Perch as you see it today, but went through many prototypes before being what it is today.

Anne found that the patterns available free on the internet just did not completely fill the need.
Some had a funny ‘ledge’ piece along the front edge, which while one would think it was practical it actually restricts you getting the correct angle for your tech device.

As with most small businesses, it seemed to happen almost by accident, one is made and then a friend shows an interest and so it snowballs into a small business that is making decent money.

In 2014 over 200 sold and 2015 saw sales of over 1500, then it became eveident that other businesses had spotted the market, rather than have to compete on price, Anne decided to make het Tech Perches unique bringing in artistic abilities she developed a line of unique artwork and set about printing onto fabrics to produce wonderful, personalized tablet stands.

Things move along and unique and personalised Tech Perches are going like a storm, Anne then moved her eye to Door Silencers, producing new and unique designs for her hand made items.

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